“apocalyptic times require movement between worlds. between institutions, cultures, genders” – Sophia (“So”) Sinopoulos-Lloyd (they/them)

Since the dawn of time life has sought to break through boundaries and re invent itself. Bold in the face of mystery, Wyrdlings of all sorts traversed the transcorporeal forms to make way for self realized bodies, minds and hearts. Communities of microorganisms answered the calls of the gods and came to share in new awakened symbiotic forms. And time after time the holarchy of interbeing broke through paradigms to allow for the emergence of new possibilities and definitions of individual freedoms balanced by social interdependencies. With new forms came new dreams, new ways of eating the world and new ways of being eaten by it. It is my humble opinion that Queering is the divine positionality of mythic ecology, the phenomenological experience of the gods and something that arises in people to help bring balance to the Earth’s Dream.
Queer in what ways? Isn’t that word just political? Queer phenomenology is more than just a political ideal, it is something that strikes deep and true to the processes of nature. It is the hallmark of evolutionary biology, the bravery of mutation and adaptation. To queer is to answer the calls of a dreaming Earth. To reach outside yourselves and root into a transitory nature of dreamtime and chaotic morphology. Queering isn’t merely the act of changing gender or doing away with it, it is the act of re-weaving the threads of fate so that new forms may come into existence. So that your way of being storied by the world can give you a new destiny that enfolds you into its meaning.
It is no wonder that many magical practitioners of every culture engage in this queer phenomenology, wherein they molt from their own human identities and become something altogether more than human. In some cases they cross the boundaries of gender, and yet in others they cross the boundaries of species and inhabit the forms of animals and spirits. People who gravitate towards magic are blurring the boundaries of fact and story, they are engaging with a living world and finding new epistemologies in the voices of the lands dreamers. They are coming to realize that the only way to truth is to divine it from the mouths of the more than human persons that make up this world.
The land is calling to us. Calling to have us help it resolve the angry ghosts of the lives humanity has rendered extinct. Calling to us to break down the fences that have kept us timid, to help us unleash the feral spirit that speaks to the wild. Calling to us so that we may wake up and take new forms, so that we may become speakers for not only the lost ones, but for those yet to come.
The roles, the destinies, these cycles of mythic ecology, once inhabited by animal people, plant people, bug people etc…..what shall these roles become? What purpose did these beautiful destinies serve? And now they are becoming ghosts, haunted landscapes and vengeful spirits that cry out for their deaths to mean something. Do we not feel this in our bones? In our grief? In our rage? Do we not feel a call to make this right?
This is what I am trying to say: that our desire, our need to queer, it isn’t some human whimsy of self-imposed fantasy; it is a deep resounding call from the world we live in. It is a magical apocalypse, ripping the veil away from our misconceptions of human supremacy, male supremacy, white supremacy. It is systematically engaging in the deconstruction of deeply held kyriarchal oppression. And it is challenging human supremacy most of all. For what are things such as white, male, and rich other than the imposed default conceptions of what it means to be human? And what is causing the destruction of the Earth dream as we speak other than these nightmarish forms of strange ontological hierarchy? Something deep and powerful is happening here, something linked to an older magic than civilization can claim.
When I think of what it means to be a god or a spirit, how transcorporeality makes for an ever changing identity, it seems more than apparent that such beings are beyond simple gender and biological form. To empathize with such a being would mean to cast off the shackles of definition by which you perceive yourselves, and to accept an ever changing morphology, wherein your soul is a communal ideal, ever tending the margins and thin membranes of how you’re storied in the lives of the people that incorporate you. Stretching out like a rhizomal network, making the self known inside the other, and the other known in the self.
Is this not as wild as it gets?! Is this not wyrd enough for you? Is this not the arcane treasures of mad glittering magics you’ve fought for? The enchanted life you’ve been yearning for? Is this not the Earth’s dream all along?
Do you fear the funny words that go bump in the night? Do you give the mythic ground to the hierarchies that bind you to nightmare? Are you actually comfortable in your humanity as it has been sold to you?
Questions questions questions. So many questions. And so many quests to answer them…


And now, a poem…

When You Speak to Us

When you speak to me, you speak to an ecology of beings, for I contain multitudes.

When you speak to me, you speak to history and entanglements, to the skin and the blood, to the cells, to the sunlight coursing through my body.

You speak to the entities that have bubbled up around me, beings that make my mythic ecology rich in meaning.

You speak to the ancestors which guide the capacities of my future.

I am an entire ecosystem of entangled potentials where meaning and matter collide.

My Queering does not stop at gender, it dissolves the boundaries of the ego and travels through the liminalities of interbeing itself. It is in this place that I emerge, henotically entwined with a multitude of beings.

My Queering is the act of entering into different modes of integral perception, wherein new ways of relating to the world emerge. It is the languaging of an interanimistic dreamscape. It is the bewilderment caused by enchantment.

My Queering is a calling from the ancient future, a calling from the ancestors, a calling from other worlds wherein strange and bizarre agencies dwell. It is a role that I fulfill in response to the way that the world comes to haunt me.

My Queering is an ecological act, a mythic act, a wyrd and wyld act, an act wherein my sense of self is always dissolving into the greater interbeing of reality, so that I may know the universe and so that it may know me. So that we may come to have faith in one another.

My Queering is a magical endeavour, wherein I have become more than human, and where I co-create the shared dream of Gaia. Where I take part in the narrative of different lands, wherein I weave stories into the tapestry itself.

I am none other than the dreams within dreams within dreams…

So when you speak to me, know how to approach me as an ecosystem. Know that my multitudes contain awareness in unique and profound ways. Know that my feelings are the felt experiences of those multitudes. Know that I am both a whole and a part and the in-betweens. Know that my meaningful being has a language felt in the dreamtime. Know that to touch upon me, is to be entwined with destiny. Know that to communicate with me is to perform a dance. Know that to pay attention to me, is to be thrown into the liminal realms of discovery.

For only when you can come to us as a dreamer, within the mythic ecologies of the dreamtime itself, will you ever be able to sincerely see us for who and what we are. Only then will you know our names.

“finding the space to dream is a radical act right now.
and dreaming with the land (and informed by more-than-human relationships) is an endangered ancestral skill” – Sophia (“So”) Sinopoulos-Lloyd (they/them)

(Check out So’s work, they’re an inspiration. I got the dreampunk word from them.)

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