The Dreampunk Menagerie – A Wyrd and catalytic revelry blurring the boundaries of myth and reality. A liminal romp through dreamtime, wherein the people become players to an alternative story which explore how they have boundaried themselves and the world. Step into the mythic and come find the hidden worlds lurking beneath your shadows.

Complete with magical intensives, dreampunk journeying, Queer questing, Wyrdling work shops, star-skin grafting, mundus imaginalis, tree talking comedy duos, bardic story telling, mythopoetic prophets with musical weavings, a goblin market trading in unspeakable secrets, plays designed to evoke the gods and portal you into other realms, introductions to animist politics like kinarchy and more than human councils, mystery dinner theaters that make you question your reality, playful rituals designed to imagine new and ancient futures. Last but not least, a beautiful madness that permeates and weaves itself into the very souls of those that get transported into the mythic realms.

If you’re the trickster we’ve been waiting for, come visit us in our dreams to set a date.

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”
Henry David Thoreau