We have been working diligently all night and day to bring a new dream into our world. It is beautiful and full of wonder. I truly hope that when this new way opens itself up to the world, that people will love it like we have loved it. I hope that people will finally give the Earth’s Dream a chance. Soon a new place will emerge, and with it, years and years of collective becoming will finally come to light. I am excited to see this labor of love become a magical centerpiece to my life. Once this comes to light, it will be like a portal into which you step through and never come back. It will change you if you have the need for it, it will change you forever.

I feel an awakening in the dream, something is happening, something immeasurable.

(no clue who kev pearson photography is, just know that this pic says it all. https://www.kevpearson.com/)