The Woven Song

On the Courtship of Magic


A blog that challenges the individualist mataphysics of modern magical dogma by exploring the henotic panpsychic process of Interbeing as a more integral metaphysical foundation for magic. It strives for the rediscovery, rebirth, and reclamation of magic and enchantment in our everyday lives through a mythos of bioregional animism and new materialism. The Woven Song is in reference to the Holarchy of Interbeing which emerges from the collective entanglements of meaning and matter at the core of real magic.

Put more simply, the Woven Song is a blog about how to sing in tune with the gods. It’s dancing with the spirits. It’s a story of myth and magic. It’s the intimate caress of liminality upon our souls. It’s the journey towards re-enchantment. It’s waking up to the Dreaming Earth at the end of the world.

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